24 | 01 | 2018

Tested Usenet providers
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UseNeXT test report

---> try out UseNeXT for free

---> try out UseNeXT for free

About UseNeXT

UseNeXT is one of the oldest providers and impresses with its quality, security, customer service and its low prices. Quite rightly UseNeXT is currently one of the most popular providers for Usenet.

The UseNeXT features

  • biggest provider in the test
  • an incredible 615GB download capacity
  • highest download speed
  • 8 server farms
  • 30 simultaneous connections
  • free software in 9 languages
  • for Windows, Linux & MaxOS

Our test rating

Even though size doesn't always go hand in hand with quality, UseNeXT is our absolute favourite provider. UseNeXT scores particularly well with its download speeds, server availability and excellent customer service.

On top of that, UseNeXT provides a wide range of content due to its 8 server farms worldwide and its free software, which is available in 9 languages.

UseNeXT registration

Registering for the 4 week trial can be done via the UseNeXT homepage. After registering you have the possibility of getting familiar with the software and can immediately start downloading.

Cancelling the trial offer

Cancelling the access is possible at any time during the trial.

If you are sure from the beginning that you won't take up the offer after the trial period, it is recommended that you cancel the trial directly after registration. That way you won't have any additional costs. To UseNeXT shortly before the test time expires you are reminded that your free trial period will soon come to an end.

The cancellation can be done directly within the software. If, however, you were impressed by UseNeXT as we were, you can choose between a number of different packages.

The following screen-shots demonstrate how easy it is to cancel with UseNeXT .

  • usenext_kue_1
  • usenext_kue_2
  • usenext_kue_3

Packages and costs

UseNeXT offers you a wide range of packages from which you can choose, according to your requirements. What we found particularly attractive were the short contract times (1 month) and the extremely cheap rates.

UseNeXT packages

Of course, these costs only arise if you decide to continue using your Usenet access after the trial period is over.

It is worth mentioning that the volume you purchase (be it 30, 80 or 250 Gb) only refers to the high-speed mode.(using up to 100Mbit/s) Downloading in the throttled flat-rate mode is possible without restriction, even after using up the high-speed volume.

UseNeXT Support

The English speaking UseNeXT -Support will gladly help you with your questions and can be contacted from 8am-10pm (CET), 7 days a week by phone hotline (charges to Germany) or by using UseNeXT´s contact form. Alternatively, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers on our website. Please refer to the FAQ section for this.

UseNeXT Contact:

Telephone: +49 - 1805 009 602 - (charges to Germany) - 7 days a week from 8am-10pm (CET)

Who’s behind UseNeXT?

The UseNeXT portal is run by the German company Aviteo Ltd. based in Munich.

The full address is:

Aviteo Ltd.
Josephspitalstraße 15
80331 München

VAT-ID: DE235935122
HRB 153436 München
CEO: Christian Robert Schütze


  • usenext_screenshot1
  • usenext_screenshot2
  • usenext_screenshot3

In cooperation with UseNeXT we can even offer you a free 4 week trial period.
Normally the trial only lasts to two weeks.

Within this 4 week trial you can download a generous 10GB at high speed(up to 100Mbit/s)
and up to 600GB with reduced speed(2000 Kbit/s)