24 | 01 | 2018

Tested Usenet providers
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Usenet.nl test report

---> try out Usenet.nl for free

---> try out Usenet.nl for free

About Usenet.nl

The internationally succesful provider Usenet.nl has been offering high-speed access to the Usenet since 1979. Unfortunately, the U.K. hasn't been included up until now. However, this has changed in the last few years allowing any interested English parties now to benefit from Usenet.nl .

Currently Usenet.nl offers you a 4 week trial period with an overall download volume of 610GB. After your registration you can immediately download 10GB in high-speed mode(up to 100 Mbit/s) and 600GB in the throttled flat-rate mode (with up to 2000kbit/s).

The Usenet.nl features

  • 8 serverfarms worldwide
  • 1-click download using Filemaster
  • a full 1600 days retention time
  • no IP-logging
  • free software in 3 languages
  • support 7 days a week

Our test result

We were particularly impressed by Usenet.nl´s free support hotline as well as their long retention- time. Moreover, the software is free and also available in 3 languages (English, French, German). All in all Usenet.nl achieved a very convincing second place in our test.

Usenet.nl registration

Registration is carried out quickly and comfortably via the homepage. You can download the free software and start to explore the Usenet immediately after you have registered. To do this you can make use of 610GB download capacity during the 4 week test period.

Cancelling the test offer

Cancelling the free trial period is possible at any time.

This can be done comfortably from within the software and will be confirmed within 30 minutes. Thus you won't have to carry any costs whatsoever by using the free trial.

If however, Usenet.nl has impressed you as it has us, you can choose from the following packages once your free trial period has run out.

The following screenshots show how easy it is to cancel your Usenet.nl subscription.

  • usenetnl_kue_1_d
  • usenetnl_kue_2_d
  • usenetnl_kue_3_d

Packages and costs

Usenet.nl offers you the choice of two different packages which merely differ in the length of their running time.

The packages contain a download capacity of 35GB in high-speed mode(with unlimited speed) as well as 600GB in flat-rate mode(up to 2000 kbit/s) You can choose between the following two packages:

Usenet.nl packages

Of course, these costs only arise if you decide to continue using your Usenet access after the trial period is over.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the monthly download volume only refers to the high-speed mode. Of course, should this be used up, you can still download during the respective month using the flat-rate mode(up to 2000Kbit/s).

Usenet.nl Support

As mentioned in our test report, Usenet.nl is outstanding when it comes to friendly and competent customer service. The English phone hotline is available 7 days a week from 8am-10pm (CET). Alternatively you can contact customer support using Usenet.nl´s contact form.

Usenet.nl Contact:

Telephone: +378 - 6680 9998 - (charges to San Marino) - 7 days a week from 8am-10pm (CET)

Who's behind Usenet.nl?

The portal Usenet.nl is operated by the company Usenet.nl S.r.l. which is based in San Marino.

The operating companies complete address:

Usenet.nl S.r.l.
Via Innocenzo Cappa, 59
47895 Domagnano
San Marino

C.O.E. SM 22403
CEO: Marco Carlini


  • usenetnl_screenshot1_d
  • usenetnl_screenshot2_d
  • usenetnl_screenshot3_d

In cooperation with Usenet.nl we can even offer you a free 4 week trial period.
Normally the trial only lasts to two weeks.

Within this 4 week trial you can download a generous 10GB at high speed(up to 100Mbit/s)
and up to 600GB in the throttled flat-rate mode.