24 | 01 | 2018

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At this point we would like to introduce a few programmes which have impressed us and which we can thoroughly recommend.

You can download all these programmes from Usenet for free.

We would welcome any suggestions you have to which programmes we should add to this category - contact

Open Office

Open Office

Open Office is a comprehensive Office Suite similar to Microsoft Office.

In contrast to Microsoft Office the programme is free, and yet still provides all that could be wished for.

As such it contains almost everything one is familiar with from Microsoft Office. A text editor like Word, a spreadsheet application in the mould of Excel, a presentation program like Power Point and a lot more.

Open Office copes with all popular Microsoft Office formats and can be expanded at will through numerous plug-ins.

It hardly requires any training, especially not if you are already familiar with Microsoft Office.

You can download Open Office Open Office for free from Usenet.



The graphic programme Paint.net is an excellent free alternative to expensive commercial products like Adobe Photoshop.

You can find just about all Photoshop functions in Paint.net. On top of that you can even open and work on Photoshop files with multiple layers. Creating complex graphics or editing pictures is no problem using Paint.net.

The software is more than adequate for private use. Experienced users can expand the software to their desire with a wide range of Plug-ins.

You can download Paint.net from Usenet for free.