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The Usenet (orig. "Unix User Network") is a worldwide electronic network similar to the Internet, which provides all kinds of information in the form of bulletin boards (so called Newsgroups).

The Usenet dates back to 1979 when 3 IT students of the University of North Carolina connected 2 Unix processors to each other to develop an alternative to the Arpanet, which was being controlled by the US Military and research institutions at this time.

In the following years, the Arpanet developed into the Internet and almost entirely replaced the Usenet.

However, the Usenet continues to exist in its original form today and still provides extensive access to uncensored information and data.

More information about the Usenet you may also find in our FAQ section, as well as on Wikipedia.

tested Providers in detail:

Similar to the Internet the Usenet also allows
you to download films, music & games.

When downloading files please pay attention to the
Copyright regulations which apply in your country!

UK Copyright law - US Copyright law

Major providers, such as UseNeXT, Firstload & Usenet.nl all scored highly where performance, service and safety is concerned.

We liked these 3 providers particularly due to the fact that your IP-address isn't logged and there is no access to your hard drive by others while downloading.

download 4 weeks for free with UseNeXT
overall download
volume of 615GB
UseNeXT - test report

download 4 weeks for free with Usenet.nl
overall download
volume of 610GB
Usenet.nl - test report

download 2 weeks for free with Firstload
overall download
volume of 315GB
Firstload - test report

more about the Usenet:

UseNeXT is arguably the the biggest and most successful provider of high-speed access to the Usenet at the moment.

Within the 4 week test phase that UseNeXT currently offers, you can download 15GB at high-speed (up to 100Mbit/s) and up to 600GB using the flat-rate at 2Mbit/s for free.

UseNeXT is the first English provider to recognize that Usenet can not only be used to search for information and exchange opinions, but is also excellently suited to being used as a download portal.

The Usenet provider Firstload is the second major provider in our test. We were especially impressed by the easy use of its software.

Firstload offers you a free 2 week trial. Within these two weeks you can download 15GB at high-speed (up to 100 Mbit/s) and up to 300GB at 2 Mbit/s for free.

We recommend that you make use of the free Firstload offer as well, so that you are able to make a better decision about which provider you would prefer to access the Usenet with.

Usenet.nl is the most established provider in our test. The company exists since 1979 and has more than 30 years of experience, making it as old as the Usenet itself.

Similar to the competition, Usenet.nl also offers a 30 day test period. Within these two weeks you can download 10GB at high-speed (up to 100 Mbit/s), as well as up to 300GB at 2Mbit/s for free.

Usenet.nl performs extremely well when it comes to reliability, its ease of use and its exceptional customer service.

trial period: 30 days

at high-speed,
600GB at 2000 Kbit/s

trial period: 14 days

15GB at high-speed,
300GB at 2000 Kbit/s

trial period: 30 days

10GB at high-speed,
600GB at 2000 Kbit/s

our evaluation:

5 stars

our evaluation:

4 stars

our evaluation:

4 stars

test report

test report

test report